Thursday, February 9, 2012

I appreciate my past and my present and definitely look forward to my future. Glad I don't rub in my progress or success in the eyes of those that were apart of my past. I am not their measure of success... Decisions are decisions and we all make them. It could have been me in some of the positions I see others. I'm glad I was blessed and fortunate enough to make good decisions that allowed me to avoid and miss some of the heartaches I have seen so many others face and endure. Some people endure things due to the allowance of outside influences that have no real concern or interest in the real benefit of their lives. Then having little to no real foresight about life aides in those decisions to not really help better ones life. But life is life and has its cycles for each and everyone. I just continue to strive to make the right decisions and choices that help me to empower myself and those I know and come in contact with daily. Hopefully to help myself and others to be greater and better than we already are. Naeem

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