Saturday, February 25, 2012

Swag Alone Won't Keep Her

What ever happen to finding Mr. Right or Prince Charming? Well okay maybe they don’t exist anymore but there are some good men still floating around out here just waiting to be found just like you or someone you know. Women have really dropped their standards just to have a man, meaning they will settle for less because they don‘t want to be alone. Whatever happen to finding a good man who will at least pull up his pants or maybe dress nice to meet your parents? Ladies whatever happen to finding that role model to take around your kids or someone who can set an example around them. Nowadays women are dating men who act just like their children, they just haven’t grew up yet. The luxury of being a writer is that I come in contact with so many people all over the world. I hear some women say that they just want to find a father for their kids. Well here’s something you might want to consider, you just might get someone whom may cause way more stress then your kids. I understand wanting two parents in the home because I myself was raised in a single parent home. But my mother did the best she could with what she had and I’m thankful for that. I had a friend who was raised with both her parents in the home and it wasn’t all peaches and cream. When I see a couple that has been together for twenty years or more then I think to myself, that must have took hard work and dedication. I see relationships that end so fast nowadays people are giving up on their family’s like it’s nothing or the thing to do. I’m not saying stay in a marriage or relationship if you’re unhappy but what I am saying is take your time and don’t play into the statistics. Just because someone in your inner circle got married and at the wedding you was all teary eyed and felt it was now your time is playing into the statistics. God may not be finished with you yet, he’s still preparing you for your prince charming. Just be ready when he arrive.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The foundation I stand on has got to be firm as a rock, so when the predicaments come that I didn't plan for, I can stand in the sandstorm. Because the trials of this life hit hard, sometimes I just wish that I could just press pause, but I can't so I'm standing up in this land saying that I would never make it without God

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Come Correct When Addressing A Woman

I over heard this woman who was in the dismiss mode on this guy who had his pants sagging below his butt, blunt behind his ear, hair not combed, a gold grill and using broken english. She was dressed nicely and conservative, she simply said "I'm not the woman you spit your game to..i'm the wifey type you give your last name to!!.you need to grow up. SMH at the dude
I appreciate my past and my present and definitely look forward to my future. Glad I don't rub in my progress or success in the eyes of those that were apart of my past. I am not their measure of success... Decisions are decisions and we all make them. It could have been me in some of the positions I see others. I'm glad I was blessed and fortunate enough to make good decisions that allowed me to avoid and miss some of the heartaches I have seen so many others face and endure. Some people endure things due to the allowance of outside influences that have no real concern or interest in the real benefit of their lives. Then having little to no real foresight about life aides in those decisions to not really help better ones life. But life is life and has its cycles for each and everyone. I just continue to strive to make the right decisions and choices that help me to empower myself and those I know and come in contact with daily. Hopefully to help myself and others to be greater and better than we already are. Naeem

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why do people think that their pasts make them unworthy to to receive the kindness of people to help them better. Once you come into the knowledge of TRUTH is whats helps you become free of making choices that in your past you didnt have the understanding of to make the right choice. Get pass SELF and move forward and stop punishing yourself, just choose the better. for you are still deserving Kevin Brown

Monday, February 6, 2012

Truth be told, now a days men's standards are higher than most women's. We think twice about dating someone that has nothing to bring to the table. And who is not established. If you need to be fixed you get left broken. Time waits for no one. The clock is ticking!!!! Davis Scott
Not every man who claims 2 be a king is ROYAL & not all friends are LOYAL!!! We spend our whole lives searching 4 LOVE, when our true love comes from ABOVE!!! The KING of kings "MOST ROYAL" My BEST FRIEND "4EVER LOYAL" Da TRUE REASON 4 da SEASON & NOT 2 acknowledge HIM is like TREASON!!!!
STOP/THINK!!! Suspicious Behavior due to having lust issues Now needing to lie & causing trust issues Should have never did it, because the truth busted you Now you single again, guess it's time to adjust too When all you had to do was STOP/THINK...... "That you must do"
If a person wants to be wealthy, they should study wealthy people. Learn what they do, how they spend their money, what time they wake up, who they marry. A lottery ticket is not the answer. The average lottery winner goes broke in less than 2 years. The wealth is in the lessons along the way !!!!! There is no such thing as get rich quick. Got to pay your dues !!!! Bobby Mayo